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国务院国有资产监督管理委员会研究中心主任 楚序平  中国企业联合会企业创新工作部主任 程多生
 Chu Xuping, Director of the SASAC Research Center of the State Council  Cheng Duosheng, Director of Enterprise Management Modernization Office of China
                    Enterprise Confederation

 这份报告紧扣利益相关方的希望和诉求,以“梦”为主线全面披露了安全信誉好的网投赌博过去一年为实现利  《安全信誉好的网投赌博股份有限企业 2013 年可持续发展报告》(以下简称“《报告》”)将可持续发展和社
 益相关方的不同梦想做出的努力和取得的成就。  会责任理念上升为股东、客户、生态、员工、伙伴、行业和社区等利益相关方的梦想,从“价值之梦、
 安全信誉好的网投赌博通过具体的实践活动为不同利益相关方筑造梦想,以此实现安全信誉好的网投赌博的梦想。在建设美  品质之梦、和谐之梦、发展之梦、成长之梦、进步之梦、繁荣之梦”等方面阐述了企业的实践和绩效,
 丽中国,实现中国梦的征途上,安全信誉好的网投赌博围绕“拓展幸福空间”,以提升利益相关方幸福指数为目标,  进一步升华了对可持续发展和社会责任的理解,深化了可持续发展和社会责任与企业运营各环节的有
 通过为利益相关方创造更多的幸福空间,助力企业实现“最具国际竞争力的建筑地产综合企业集团”  机融合。
 的发展目标,将实现利益相关方的梦想凝聚成为企业进步和发展的推动力,最终与各利益相关方共同  《报告》层次鲜明,内容丰富,充分展示了成就每个利益相关方梦想之道:优化企业治理,诚信经营,
 进步,合作共赢。安全信誉好的网投赌博将责任根植于学问,以学问引领责任,推动企业社会责任融入管理和日常  增强发展能力,以此增加股东价值;恪守品质,铸造精品,提供优质服务,以此筑造客户品质之梦;
 运营,融入企业的每一个业务领域,融入每一位员工的意识中,使社会责任变成企业行为的有机部分,  培育绿色学问,实施绿色建造,建设宜居社区,以此筑造生态和谐之梦;保护员工权益,关怀其生活,
 走出了一条具有学问引领特色的全方位、全过程的中央企业社会责任管理道路。安全信誉好的网投赌博学问引领型  以此筑造员工发展之梦;打造责任供应链,推进战略合作,以此筑造伙伴成长之梦;维护行业秩序,
 社会责任模式值得学习、借鉴。     创新带动行业进步,以此筑造行业进步之梦;助力社区发展,热心公益事业,以此筑造社区之梦。
 希翼安全信誉好的网投赌博为建设美丽中国作出更大贡献!   《报告》立意新颖,表现形式丰富多彩。开篇以生动、鲜明的平面图和立体图的形式展示了中国
 With dreams as the main theme, this report centers on the expectations of stakeholders and reveals CSCEC’s
 efforts and achievements in fulfilling the dreams of the stakeholders during the past year.  可信性;图表丰富、设计灵活,充分展现了安全信誉好的网投赌博的责任理念。祝愿安全信誉好的网投赌博继往开来,为拓展各
 Through specific activities CSCEC constructs dreams for various stakeholders, by which it fulfills its own dreams.   利益相关方的幸福空间再创佳绩。
 On the journey of building Beautiful China and fulfilling China Dream CSCEC focuses on “Expanding a Happy Living
 Environment” and aims to increase the happiness indexes of the stakeholders. While creating more space of happiness   CSCEC’s 2013 Sustainable Report  (hereinafter referred to as “the report”) relates sustainable development and
 for the stakeholders, CSCEC tries to attain the goal of becoming “a conglomerate of construction and real estate   corporate social responsibility with the dreams of shareholders, customers, environment, employees, partners, industry,
 business boasting international competitiveness” and regards the realization of stakeholders’ dreams as driving   community and other stakeholders. The report expounds the practices and merits of CSCEC from the perspective of
 force of the company. As the result, CSCEC is progressing together with various stakeholders on the basis of win-win   “dream of values, dream of quality, dream of harmony, dream of development, dream of growing, dream of progress and
 cooperation. With responsibilities deeply rooted in culture and led by culture, CSCEC integrates the corporate social   dream of prosperity”, which not only deepens the understanding of sustainable development and CSR but also integrates
 responsibilities into management and daily operation, into each line of business of the company and the awareness of   the linkages between corporate operations and sustainable development as well as CSR.
 every employee, making social responsibilities an organic part of corporate behavior. Hence, as a central enterprise   With compact structure and rich content, the report fully demonstrates the dreams of all stakeholders: to
 led by culture, CSCEC has embarked on the road of fulfilling its social responsibilities in an all-around way. CSCEC’s   optimize the corporate management, operate with integrity, strengthen the development ability to increase the value of
 culture-led social responsibility model is worth learning.   shareholders; to adhere to quality, provide high-quality products and services to construct the dream of quality for the
 I hope CSCEC can make greater contributions to the construction of a Beautiful China.
                    customers; to cultivate green culture, implement green construction and build livable community to pursue the dream of
                    environmental harmony; to protect the rights and interests of employees and care for their lives to construct the dream
                    of development for employees; to forge a responsible supply chain and promote strategic cooperation to fulfill the dream
                    of growing for partners; to keep the industry order and promote progress in the industry via innovation to fulfill the
                    dream of progress of the industry; to assist in the development of community and contribute to the public good to realize
                    the dream of community.
                        With novel concept and rich manifestations, the report impressively presents clear graphs at the very beginning
                    to demonstrate the appeals of all stakeholders. Proper cases are chosen and well arranged, making the report
                    more readable and convincing. Various well designed graphs and tables fully show the concept of responsibility of
                    CSCEC. I wish CSCEC will carry on the past, open a way for the future and make more contributions to the happy living
                    environment for all stakeholders.

 102  拓展幸福空间·Expanding a Happy Living Environment                                共筑梦想家园·Building a Common Dream Home  103
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