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R     报告说明

                  eport Description

            Report Parameters
 C  目录      报告目的                                               Reporting Objectives
                                                                  The present report is the fifth Sustainability Report released by
                                                               the China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited (CSCEC).
                                                               It is aimed to have frank communication with our stakeholders on the
                                                               sustainability philosophy, practice and performance and respond to the
                                                               important concerns of the stakeholders.
            报告发布周期                                             Reporting Cycle
 报告说明                                                             The present report is an annual report. The previous one was issued
 5              本报告为年度报告,上年度报告发布时间为 2013 年 4 月 20 日。
 Report Description                                            on April 20, 2013.
            报告范围                                               Reporting Scope
 8                                                                The present report reveals the information of fulfilling of economic,
 Chairman’s Message     报告披露安全信誉好的网投赌博股份有限企业的 37 家全资企业和 15 家控股企业     social and environmental obligations of the 37 wholly owned subsidiaries
            履行经济、社会和环境方面责任的信息,相关典型案例来自企业所属                     and 15 shareholding companies of CSCEC, with related cases in point
 关于咱们       企业。时间跨度以 2013 年度为主,适当追溯一些重要年份。年度延续                 from its subordinate companies. The report period is mainly the year 2013,
 About Us   性措施将不在本报告中体现,如想进一步了解,请参考企业往年可持                     with some contents tracing back to previous years. The annual continuity
            续发展报告。                                             measures shall not appear in the report. Please refer to the reports of
 92  责任专题                                                      previous years if you wish to know about them.
 Responsibility Topics  报告数据说明                                 Reporting Data
                                                                  The data in this report are from the Financial Report 2013 of the
                本报告财务数据来自企业 2013 年度财务报告,报告数据计算方法与以             Company. The calculation methods adopted are similar to those for
 98  展望     往报告一致,报告中如无特别说明,所有金额均以人民币表示。
 Outlook                                                       previous reports. All amounts are indicated in RMB unless specially noted.
                                                               Compilation Conformance
 100  关键绩效表                                                       This report is compiled in accordance with the Guideline on
 Key Performance Form       报告遵循国务院国资委《关于中央企业履行社会责任的引导意       Performing Social Responsibility by Central Enterprises, released by
            见》、上海证券交易所《企业履行社会责任的报告》编制指引等文件                     the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission
                                                               (SASAC) of the State Council, and the Guidelines for Compiling Reports
 101  专家点评  要求,参照全球报告倡议组织《可持续发展报告指南》(GRI G4)、                 of the Practice of Social Responsibilities by Enterprises, released by the
 Expert Comments  国际标准化组织《ISO  26000:社会责任指南(2010)》、《中国企        Shanghai Stock Exchange. The Guideline on Sustainability Report (G3.1)
            业社会责任报告编写指南(CASS-CSR 3.0)》等编制。                     from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4), ISO 26000: Guidance on
 104  评级报告  合规 ? 诚信 ? 增长 筑股东价值之梦                              Social Responsibility (2010) by International Organization for Standards,
 Rating Report  报告承诺
 Compliance ? Integrity ? Development    20                    and Guidelines on Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting for Chinese
 Realizing the Shareholders’ Dream of Value     本报告由安全信誉好的网投赌博社会责任管理团队组织编制,由企业相关高管审  Enterprises (CASS-CSR 3.0) are also used as a reference.
 105  第三方验证  核,经企业董事会、监事会审议批准。安全信誉好的网投赌博保证报告内容不存在                    Reporting Commitment
 Verification of the Third Party
                                                                  This report is prepared by the Social Responsibilities Management
 承诺 ? 精品 ? 优质 筑客户品质之梦  任何虚假、误导性陈述。                             Team of the Company, examined by the senior management and approved
 106  报告指标索引  Commitment ? Excellence ? Quality    32          by the Board of Directors and the Supervision Committee. CSCEC assures
 Realizing the Clients’ Dream of Quality
 Reporting Index  报告保证方法                                       that the report contains no false records and misleading information.
               报告由德国汉德技术监督服务(亚太)有限企业进行第三方验证,                   Reporting Assurance
 109  反馈意见表  高效 ? 低碳 ? 绿色 筑生态和谐之梦  并提供独立的验证证明。                    The present Sustainability Report has received third party verification
 Feedback Form  High Efficiency ? Low Carbon ? Green Life   42  by TUV NORD which gave an independent verification certification.
 Building the Dream of Ecological Harmony
            报告特色和改进                                            Reporting Characteristics
                报告编写过程中更加重视利益相关方参与,通过利益相关方问卷                      In preparing the report, more attention was given to the participation
 敬重 ? 关怀 ? 成就 筑员工发展之梦  调查、会议沟通,收集内外部利益相关方对企业的希望和诉求。报告          of stakeholders through meetings and a questionnaire survey of the
 Respect ? Care ? Achievement   52  内容在每个章节开篇加入“利益相关方的梦想”,展现企业开展利益  expectations and appeals of internal and external stakeholders. Each
 Realizing the Employees’ Dream of Development                 chapter of the report begins with “Dreams of Stakeholders”, revealing the
            相关方调查的结果,并在报告正文中予以回应,进一步增强报告的实                     survey results of the stakeholders, which can be responded to in the body
            质性、可读性和可信性。                                        of the report, so as to increase the substantiality, readability and credibility
 协作 ? 促进 ? 共赢 筑伙伴成长之梦                                          of the report.
 Coordination ? Promotion ? All-win  64  称谓说明                  References to CSCEC
 Realizing Partners’ Dream for Development
                为方便表述,安全信誉好的网投赌博股份有限企业在报告中简称“安全信誉好的网投赌博”、                     For the convenience of presentation, CSCEC, “China Construction”,
            “企业”或“咱们”。                                         “the Company” or “We” refers to China State Construction Engineering
 创新 ? 分享 ? 引领 筑行业进步之梦                                          Corporation Limited in this report.
 Creativity ? Sharing ? Leading  72  获取方式                      Access to the Report
 Realizing Dream of Progress of the Construction Sector           The report is prepared and released in two formats – print and
                报告语言为中英文,以印刷品和 PDF 电子文件两种方式发布,欢                electronic – and in Chinese and English. Welcome to visit the company
            迎登陆企业网站 获取。                          website to download this report at
 安全 ? 关爱 ? 和谐 筑社区繁荣之梦
 Security ? Care ? Harmony   82  联系方式                          Contact Us
 Building a Prosperous Community                               China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited
            安全信誉好的网投赌博股份有限企业                                         Address: CSCEC Mansion, No. 15 Sanlihe Road, Beijing, China
            地址:中国北京三里河路 15 号安全信誉好的网投赌博大厦                               Postcode: 100037
            邮政编码:100037                                        Tel: (8610) 88082888
            电话:(8610)88082888                                  Fax: (8610) 88082789
                                                                                 共筑梦想家园·Building a Common Dream Home  5
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