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创新·分享·引领 筑行业进步之梦
 Creativity ? Sharing ? Leading  Realizing Dream of Progress of the Construction Sector

 结构调整升级  增长方式升级  集约化管理升级  发展目标升级  发展理念升级  Technological Innovation
 Upgrading and   Upgrade   Upgrade intensification   Upgrade development   Upgrade development   目标
 restructuring  growth pattern  management  goals  concept           提升项目整体技术和管理水平
                We positively carry forward and improve               Target: Improve the overall
 转变  房建施工  建房  粗放管理  Participate international   注重规模效益  the system of technological innovation and the   technologies and management skills
 House construction  Building house  Extensive management  Focusing on scale benefit  construction of management system. We build an
            open platform for technological innovation aimed
 基础设施、房地产投资综合开发  建城  精细管理  经营跨国集团  注重承担央企三大责任  at enterprise R&D and the combined development
 Comprehensive development   Building city  Intensive management  Running cross-border   Assuming three major   of production, study and research, and try to   重点
 of infrastructure and property   group  responsibilities of central   全面推广          技术研发       研发推广自有
 investment  enterprises  encourage innovation in culture. In 2013, we had   Fully Expand  Technology
            44,000 professional technicians in the company,                             R&D     常识产权技术
 实施“大市场、大业主、  顺应城镇化建设新形  整合臃肿机构 , 消灭亏  争做中央企业实施 " 走  追求社会“最大贡献值”,   accounting for 20.8% of our total number of   核心理念  替代传统落后
 大项目”和“高端营销”  势,发挥“四位一体”  损企业和挂靠项目  出去 " 战略的表率,在  将经济、政治、社会责  employees. We invested RMB 5.48 billion in research   绿色建造  技术
 海外开展建设和投资项  任系于一身                                                           主线                 Key points:
 策略  的综合服务运营优势  集中资金管理、大宗材                          Core concept:
 目  Make the great es t   and development.                                  Main line           Research and
 Employ the strategy of   Follow the new trend of   料采购、劳务招标  Establish and invest   social contributions and   In 2013, we launched campaign called “technology   Green   develop the
 措施  “big market, proprietor   urbanization and exert the   “Integrate the bloated   in overseas projects   shoulder economic,   reduces cost and promotes effectiveness”. We applied   intellectual
 and project”and “high-  advantages of“quaternity”   organization and eliminate   under the principle of   political and social   property
 end marketing”   comprehensive business   unpr ofit abl e firm   “taking a lead in ‘going   responsibilities  advanced technological innovation into traditional low-  项目示范  资源整合  technologies
 operation  andsubordinated project  global’ among central   tech such as architecture design and construction,   Pilot Project  Resource   instead of
 enterprises”                                                                       Integration  backward
 Centr alize c apit al   and transformed technological edges into real                          technologies
 management,   advancement in operation quality and profits. We found
 purchasing  of  bulk
 materials and bidding for   out the features and difficulties of different items,
 personnel service   classified them into four categories and 90 innovation   科技助推降本增效
            technologies, and compiled CSCEC 2013: Technology   Technology helps to reduce cost and promote effectiveness
            Creates Profit, launched 15 typical pilot projects in
            Beijing, Tianjin and Shenzhen. The pilot projects in 2013
 咱们落实“五化”方针,不断创新企业管理理念,推  We lay down the “five-improvements” principle, keep innovating   reduced RMB 20.2 billion project cost.
 the concept of project management, especially management mode,
 make project management efficient, provide vitality to achieve leap-
 活力,引领行业发展方向。  forward development and lead the industry.
 案例 CASE
             案例 CASE
 打造数字化安全信誉好的网投赌博,建立统一信息化平台  Forge a digitalized CSCEC based on an information platform
               工地上的科技创新工作室                                    Technological Innovation Studio at Construction Site
 安全信誉好的网投赌博以“打造数字化安全信誉好的网投赌博”为目标,构建集  CSCEC aims to become a digitalized corporation. It shall
 construct a centralized and integrated information system which   安全信誉好的网投赌博三局组建以项目技术总工和近 5 年分配的青  The skilled technicians and green hands of CSCEC Third
 中、集成化的信息系统体系,通过系统内的信息纵向、  keeps the business information updated through the longitudinal   Engineering Bureau became the members of the innovation
 横向有序流转,及时掌握各层级企业和主要业态的经  and horizontal flow of information, thus to realize the goal   年员工为成员的创新工作室。工作室根据成员各自特  studio at construction site. They were divided into several groups
 of “Information-based company with Smart Headquarters”.   点,建立若干小组,分别对施工节能、电器、机械等  according to their strong points, innovated, researched and
 营信息,实现“信息企业、智慧总部”;通过各类系                                      developed construction energy conservation, electrical appliances
 Through the budgetary management of various systems, all life-  进行革新和研发;定期组织小组成员深入各个项目,
 统固化全面预算管理、全生命周期项目管理模式等管  cycle project management model and other specialized operation   and mechanics respectively. On top of that, the group members
 model and the popularized use of the system, it can disclose   对一些习以为常的工艺、工法进行挖掘、提炼和总结,  delve into every project, and explored, refined and summarized
 理流程与专业化运营模式,依托系统普及使用,及时                                      the accustomed techniques and craftsmanship. Meanwhile, we
 problems in due time and gradually optimize the management   并将近两年的金点子汇编成册,发送至各项目供参阅
 发现问题,逐步优化、完善管理模式。  model.                                    compiled the two years’ brilliant ideas into booklets and handed
 CSCEC attaches great importance to informationization in   和借鉴。  out to all the projects for reference.
 the development of the corporate strategy and expects to achieve
 满足企业管控集约化、标准化、专业化要求。2013 年,  the goals of intensification, standardization and specialization. In
 2013, the company was appraised as the Class-A Informationization
 企业被国务院国资委评为“信息化 A 级企业”。
 Enterprise by the SASAC of the State Council.


 咱们积极推进和完善科技创新组织体系和管理制度建  先进科技创新成果改造传统建筑设计、建造等环节的传统
 设,打造以企业为研发主体,产、学、研相结合的开放型  落后技术,将科技优势转化为切实的经营质量和盈利水平
 科技创新实施平台,努力营造鼓励创新的学问氛围。目前,  的提升。咱们挖掘不同类型项目特色和难点,整理形成 4
 企业拥有中级以上专业技术职务人员 4.4 万人,占员工总  大类 90 项推广创新技术,编制完成《安全信誉好的网投赌博科技创效
               创新办公室成员                                         向媒体记者先容工作成果
 数的 20.8%,2013 年,企业研发投入 54.8 亿元。  (2013)》,在北京、天津、深圳选定 15 个典型示范工程,  A menmber of the innovation studio  A member of the innovation studio introducing research achievements to media
 2013 年,咱们开展“科技助推降本增效活动”,以  全年示范工程累计节约项目成本 2.02 亿元。

 76  拓展幸福空间·Expanding a Happy Living Environment                                 共筑梦想家园·Building a Common Dream Home  77
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