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创新·分享·引领 筑行业进步之梦
            Creativity ? Sharing ? Leading  Realizing Dream of Progress of the Construction Sector

                咱们以打造“绿色安全信誉好的网投赌博”和“数字安全信誉好的网投赌博”为核心,全                           We focus on building “green CSCEC” and “digital CSCEC”, and
                                                               make every effort to carry forward green architecture, construction
            力推进绿色建筑、建筑工业化和 BIM 技术研究与应用,通
                                                               industrialization and the research and application of BIM technology.   案例 CASE
            过建立健全组织体系,组织编制各项制度和规范标准,推                          We take effective measures such as establishing a sound system,                                                                              年度专利授权数(项)
                                                               compiling institutions and standards and launching pilot projects                                                                            Annual Patent Licenses (Item)
            进示范工程等有效措施,打造全产业链的技术创新优势,                                                                                                 科技之光闪耀天津港
                                                               so as to make the best of technological innovation in the industrial
            推进企业转型升级,为推动建筑工程行业的技术创新发展                          chain, upgrade our enterprise and make contributions to the                天津港国际邮轮码头项目将 BIM 设计全过程应用于工程建设,在设计阶段,项                          2,000
                                                               innovation development of the construction engineering industry.                                                                                                1,675
            贡献力量。                                                                                                                     目部利用 BIM App深化设计每一个构件,逐区域、逐层、逐点地定位出每个大钢构
                                                                                                                                      件同外装饰面层之间的净距离,达到了施工控制的各项要求,实现“零”返工。                                              1,139
                             绿色建筑                            建筑工业化                    BIM 技术研究与应用                                                                                                        1,000
                           Green construction           Industrialized construction  BIM technology research and application              在施工阶段,利用 BIM 技术深化设计图纸 12,880 张、编制方案 208 份、组                           738
              开展全产业链的绿色建筑技术研究,致力于研发智能                以标准化生产方式贯穿完整产业            通过整合建筑项目供应链各企业间信息流                                     织专家论证 9 次,成功解决了海边大型公建的建筑外形复杂、屋面结构特殊、                               500
              材料                                     链,实现造房全过程的工业化、集           的技术手段,实现精确控制建设成本,降                                     机电系统复杂、综合排布难度高等技术难题,确保了工程的最佳实施效果。该
              Carry out the research on green construction technologies   约化和社会化  低质量风险                                                                                                                  0
              in the industry chain and remain committed to intellectual   Achie v e  indus trialization,   Accurately control the construction cost and   项目荣获中国土木工程詹天佑大奖。                                    2011 年  2012 年  2013 年
              materials R&D                          intensification and socialization in the   reduce the quality risk through integrating
                                                     whole process with the employment   the information flow of enterprises in       Up-to-date Technology Benefits the Port of Tianjin
                                                     of standardized production pattern in   construction industry chain                  The project of international cruise terminal in port of Tianjin applied the whole
                                                     the whole industry chain
                                                                                                                                      process of BIM design into engineering construction. In the design phase, the department
               建立健全组织体系                              开展建筑工业化全面技术调研             组建 BIM 技术委员会
              对内梳理专家资源,对外建立专门机构试点                    研发自有常识产权工业化技术             立项课题研发                                                 of management further designed every component by BIM software, located the net
              引领绿色建筑制度规范                             Carry out research on the overall   编制建筑工程设计、施工 BIM 应用指南等                        spacing between the steel member and external decorative wall, and met every need of the
              整合优势资源开展技术研究与应用                        technologies of industrialized   标准规范                                            construction control with no rework.
              技术落地,确定示范工程                            construction              推进 25 项示范项目                                                In the construction phase, we completed 12,880 pieces of design drawings, made out
                                                     Research on and develop the
              Establish sound systems                technology of IPR industrialization  Set up BIM technology committee             208 plans, and organized experts to demonstrate nine times. Finally, we succeeded in solving
              Review expert resources internally and establish specialized trial   Sponsor project R&D                                the technical problems of the large-scale seaside public building such as its complicated
              institutions externally                                          Compile construction engineering design
              Take a lead in formulating the code of green construction        and enforce standards such as BIM                      appearance and M&E system, special structure and difficult overall layout. Consequently, we
              Integrate valuable resources for technology research and application  application guidance                              completed this project successfully and received “Zhan Tianyou” award, we completed this
              Put technology in place and confirm pilot project                Carry forward 25 pilot projects                        project successfully and received Zhan Tianyou award.

             案例 CASE

                统计分析三大优势为一体,可实现 6 万科技人员上线多维
                度查询科技资料信息和科技信息交流、5,000 名科技管理人                                                                                         天津港国际邮轮码头客运大厦项目
                                                                                                                                      The project of international cruise terminal in the Tianjin Port
                                                                                                                                   P     romoting the Development of the Industry
                效率提升奠定了坚实基础。                                                                                                             带动行业进步

                Building the First Information Platform for Technology Management
                   We followed the principle of “assuming full responsibility” and built the first technology management platform in the industry   咱们时刻关注行业发展动态,充分发挥行业科学发展的引领者角色,主动参与国
                considering both our demand and the industry guidance.
                   This platform integrated our three edges, that is, technology management, intelligent technology bog-data inquiry and   家和行业发展研究、规划及标准制定,推进产业结构升级;主办、参与各项专业论坛
                automatic statistical analysis. It could enable 60,000 technology workers to inquire multi-dimensional information and communicate   和学术活动,致力于推动行业创新发展。
                online, and 5,000 technology managers to work online. What’s more, this platform realized the automatic generation, orderly
                management and effective use of CSCEC talent pool. It had other functions such as the automatic generation, accurate statistics and   We attach great importance to the development of industry and play a role in leading the
                analysis of all kinds of tedious statistical data about science and technology. The platform laid a solid foundation for technological   industry to scientific development. We take initiative in participating in domestic and industrial
                innovation and efficiency improvement.                                                                             developmental research, drawing out plans and criteria as well as promoting industrial upgrading.
                                                                                                                                   In addition, we hold and attend all kinds of professional forums and academic activities in order to
                                                                                                                                   facilitate the innovative development of industry.

            78  拓展幸福空间·Expanding a Happy Living Environment                                                                                                                                             共筑梦想家园·Building a Common Dream Home  79
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