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 雨中小翠显俊美                                                                                                    飞羽瞬间


           P12    FOCUS

           LOGICS OF CSCEC

                 hE EduCatIOn and praCtICE CampaIGn OF FOLLOwInG maSS LInE OF ChInESE COmmunISt party,
                 COnCEntratInG In thE COntEnt OF “SErvInG thE pEOpLE, bEInG praGmatIC and CLEan”, rEFLECtS thE
 摄影 | 张鹏
 红日映天鹅     t COmmOn IntErESt OF thE CEntraL party and thE pEOpLE.
 为观止。      thE majOrIty OF party mEmbErS and CadrES OF CSCEC arE tO FOLLOw aLwayS thE rEquIrEmEnt OF “SErvInG thE
           pEOpLE, bEInG praGmatIC and CLEan”, whICh IS aLSO thE dEvELOpmEnt IdEOLOGy OF CSCEC. thE COrE CuLturE
           and IdEOLOGy OF CSCEC IS In COnSIStEnCy wIth thE COnnOtatIOn and SubStanCE OF maSS OrIEntEd prInCIpLE
           OF thE COmmunISt party OF ChIna. It IS FataL FOr thE FuturE OF CSCEC and rEFLECtS thE pErFOrmanCE OF thE
           manaGEmEnt IF thE pOLICy OF thE CEntraL GOvErnmEnt and StratEGy OF CSCEC Can bE CarrIEd thrOuGh tO
           thE StaFF. aLSO ImpOrtant IS hOw tO COnSOLIdatE thE wISdOm and StrEnGth OF thE StaFF IntO thE GrEatEr
           pICturE OF thE rEFOrm and dEvELOpmEnt OF CSCEC. wE thErEFOrE rEquESt Our manaGEmEnt tEam tO takE
           LEad ImprOvInG, upGradInG and aCCOmpLIShInG thEmSELvES FOLLOwInG thE Standard OF thE CrEdO OF CSCEC.

           P31    PEOPLE

           hOw wOndErFuL thEy tauGht thE


               t IS by nO mEanS rEaLIStIC tO makE a FundamEntaL ChanGE FOr a hOpE prOjECt prImary SChOOL wIthIn
 摄影 | 赖刚
 私语            mErELy twO mOnthS. wE arE nOt SavOrS. what wE COuLd dO IS tO brInG nEw knOwLEdGE tO thEm, Expand
           i thEIr vISIOn, and InCrEaSE thEIr IntErESt In LIFE and Study, hOpEFuLLy tO brInG thEm pOSItIvE attItudE
 只疣鼻天鹅深情对视,  tOwardS thEIr LIvES. wE aLSO hOpE wE Can aIr thE LIvInG and StudyInG StatuS OF thOSE SChOOLChILdrEn In
           thE pOvErty StrICkEn arEaS tO thE CIvIL SOCIEty In OrdEr tO attraCt mOrE SOCIaL rESOurCES tO hELp thEm.
           P37    FEAtURED StORiES

           paLm jumEIrah: CarvInG thE Earth

                  EtEaSE FInanCIaL nEwS rEpOrtEd On 26 junE 2013, that a jOInt vEnturE COmpany EStabLIShEd by CSCEC
                  and SkaI hOLdInGS, a dubaI-baSEd prOpErty InvEStmEnt FIrm, InvEStEd a $1bn hOtEL- vICErOy hOtEL and
           n FurnIShEd rESIdEnCES prOjECt On thE paLm jumEIrah. CSCEC aCtEd aS thE COnStruCtIOn COntraCtOr.
           vICErOy paLm jumEIrah wOuLd havE 481 rOOmS and SuItES, pLuS 221 “SIGnaturE vICErOy rESIdEnCES”. mr. yu taO,
           GEnEraL manaGEr OF CSCEC mIddLE EaSt branCh, nOtEd that thIS had bEEn thE FIrSt InvEStmEnt OF CSCEC In
           thE mIddLE EaSt. CSCEC waS thEn thE OnLy ChInESE COmpany partICIpatInG In InvEStmEnt and COnStruCtIOn
           OF paLm jumEIrah.

 摄影 | 赖刚
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