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我来说说  | MY COMMENT

 我来说说  乐峰,获奖理由:代表众员工的群众建议。奖品为《安全信誉好的网投赌博》                   内容摘要

 My CoMMent

           P10    VIEWPOINT

           SOFT POWER

 @尹航:  有幸看到《安全信誉好的网投赌博》杂志2013年珍藏  小编:  第三期偶得身边栏目策划COPY网络红帖
 合订本,外观设计意韵深长,承载和表达  “听说你在中石油工作”之“听说你在中  he softest water can penetrate the hardest rock. The softest culture can generate incredibly great and sustainable
                driving force. Culture can help assisting a corporation to establish its strategy, push forward transformation, improve its
 着安全信誉好的网投赌博学问理念,让人十分想占为己有。  建美国工作”,感谢COPY创意建议人中
           Tmanagement, as well as intermingling different internal and external value orientation. Furthermore, corporate culture is
 我建议向政府部门和业主单位做企业宣传  建方程刘静,望大家喜欢,希翼大家给我
           not only the demands and means of management, nor the outlook and advertisement for the corporation, it is rather the aim
 时,将此《安全信誉好的网投赌博》杂志合订本作为礼  们更多更好的建议。  of it.
 对安全信誉好的网投赌博经营理念的认可,提升企业的高端  @孙灵魁:  2014年4月第2期53页《关林走笔》第四
 形象和品牌美誉度,为今后更融洽的合作  自然段第四行“慈祥太后”应为“慈禧太  P44  FIGUrES
 关系注入活力。(安全信誉好的网投赌博六局)  后”哦。(安全信誉好的网投赌博二局)

 小编:  学问服务中心工作那是无比幸福滴,学问  小编:  太感谢亲的认真阅读啦!反省啊,一定要  HUMAN KINDNESS AND LOVE
 围绕中心工作那是咱们一直在做滴。感谢  加强校对力量。
 您的认可和支撑。    t is hard to do good things all his life, but it is not hard to be a kind hearted man, as seen by Jiang Longhua who was
             born in 1962.He believes in “the importance of keeping perseverance of caring for others”. He started supporting students

 @唐曦:  收到第三期的纸质版了 ,电子版有没有  Iof poverty stricken areas and donating blood voluntarily from 1993 and kept doing these for 21 years. On 4 July 2014, the
           list of “Good Persons in China” by Central Civilization Office, Jiang Longhua was awarded as a “Good Person in China”, the
 @楚音:  《天花板》道出一个残酷的现实:市场不  共享呀?(安全信誉好的网投赌博海峡)  first one in CSCEC received the award. His boss, Mr. Yang Yixiong, secretary of commission for discipline inspection of No.1
 是无限的,什么时候撞着天花板了,企业  @郭艳妍:  @郭艳妍:/  company, Third Bureau of CSCEC said, “We found Jiang Longhua doing good things by chance. We have no idea about how
 就会倒下。摩托罗拉是这样,柯达是这  col/col838/index.html电子版这上面有。  many other staff that are doing good things like Jiang Longhua around us”.
 样。怎样突破“天花板”?唯有创新。中  (安全信誉好的网投赌博三局)
 营模式创新,管理创新,等等。老孟说:  小编:  二楼说得对!
 “天花板”无非是企业在某个阶段的瓶  cn/col/col838/index.html新版杂志,一  P50  STOrIES
 颈,不应成为一种宿命。突破一个个“天  本不少。
 花板”,企业就会迈向基业长青。(安全信誉好的网投赌博  MOVE SUZHOU GARDEN TO US METROPOLITAN
              Mingxuan Garden” was created at the honeymoon period when China and US established diplomatic relation. Highly skilled
 @靳倩:  一本企业杂志,不仅有专业板块,还透着那  Chinese craftsmen piloted it in Suzhou, and copied this “Mingxuan Garden” to the other side of the ocean. That was the
 小编:  每层天花板同时也是上一层的地板哦。  么浓浓的学问味,能不能刊登员工创作的短  “first garden exported from China. The garden courtyard made by China Overseas Garden Construction Company has been
 篇小说呢?文章的标题都要用一类字体吗?  commented as an eternal exhibition of cultural exchange between China and US, and recorded into history book for modern
           garden construction.
 @李延才:  2014年第3期杂志真心不错,特别是“听
 说你在安全信誉好的网投赌博美国工作”太逗了。(安全信誉好的网投赌博一  小编:  小说控?没问题,投到偶得栏目来吧。第
 局)  二个问题,美编大人表示压力不大。

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